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A platform that allows you to easily sell your home / rent your home; or buy / rent another home.

Just what you have been looking for!


Stream Property Solutions Ltd. (Stream) was established and developed by licensed Real Estate industry professionals, along with software programmers, developers, and designers for the purpose of providing unique solutions to all your real estate needs. Stream is designed to allow the public, consumers, real estate agents, landlords and other real estate industry professionals to better interact with each other — all for a lower real estate fee in the real estate market place. As we develop and modify the Stream Web Platform, we anticipate lower real estate fees in the industry. 

We have all seen the recent changes in the real estate industry. Foreign companies have developed powerful tools to disrupt the market. Stream is a company poised to meet the challenges that foreign companies present. 


Home Buyers

Find your Ideal Dream Home: Buyers may search properties listed for sale on the Board’s MLS® (Multiple Listing Service) System. You can now view all properties that exist on the Board’s MLS® System. When you find that ideal dream home, simply press the inquiry button and the Preferred Partner Real Estate Agent in your area will contact you immediately.

If you are interested in buying a property listed For Sale By Owner (FSBO), and you press the inquiry button, the property owner will respond directly to you.

Home Renters

Search and find your ideal rental property today by simply scrolling through the inventory within your city or town. Then electronically submit your rental application directly to the property owner or landlord.

Home Sellers


Listing Your Property on the Board’s MLS® System: Owners who wish to sell their property may do so with the assistance of Stream. We will partner you with a licensed Preferred Partner Real Estate Agent in your area

Our Preferred Partner Real Estate Agent will list your property with the local Real Estate Board in your area. Your property will be listed on the the Board’s MLS®  (Multiple Listing Service) System. Stream referred/recommended properties will be listed for only 2% on the Board’s MLS® System. As a property owner, you will get the full service of a licensed real estate agent in your area.

 Note: Stream will work with all Real Estate Brokerages in the US and Canada.    

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For Sale By Owners

For Sale By Owner (FSBO): Some property owners may wish to sell their property without a real estate agent. Stream will give you the flexibility to list and advertise your property for sale on your own. All discussions and negotiations will be directly between the property owner or seller and the buyer.

  • For a onetime fee of $299, FSBO Owners can now list their property on the Stream Web Platform. 
  • FSBO owners will have direct access to all the active listings on the Board’s MLS® System in order to help set the correct price for their home. 
  • FSBO owners will be assigned a Preferred Partner Real Estate Agent, who will consult with them about their listing. Simply email the Preferred Partner Real Estate Agent.
  • The listing fee will cover both the listing on the Stream Web Platform, and the Stream 'For Sale by Owner' listing sign. 
  • Once you activate your listing on Stream, your sign will automatically be ordered and shipped to you.

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Advertise Your Property For Rent: Property owners can now list and advertise their properties for an extremely low and reasonable cost. Stream allows you to maintain full control over all aspects of your property. Stream will not collect your rental income. All rental income and business arrangements remain between you and your prospective tenants. Landlords can list their properties for $15.00 until the property is rented.

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Meet Your Financing Requirements: Buying or refinancing your property, or simply looking for a loan? Allow our mortgage partners, to assist you. Simply complete the required information in the Stream Mortgage Application and press submit. A mortgage partner agent will discretely contact you for all your financing needs. 


Real Estate Agents

Attention All Real Estate Agents: While we hear a lot about disrupting the Real Estate Industry, Stream is not meant to displace local real estate agents. In fact, Stream will work with all Real Estate Brokers. We recognize and welcome the professionalism that real estate agents provide to the consumer and the market place.

Stream will work with all Real Estate Brokerages.

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