The Method – FSBO

10 students



Welcome to The Method. This course will hold your hand as you progress through each step in the process of selling your home. You will gain important insights into exactly how to plan, stage, market and negotiate the sale of your home.

By the courses completion, you will have gained the confidence to sell your own home without reservation.

Below are the topics we will be covering . . .  enjoy : )




  1. Preparing to sell

    – Assessing your property

    – Timing the Sale

    – The To-Do list

    – Staging

    – Photographing

  2. Pricing your home

    Legal Health Check

    – Property Inspection & Disclosures

    – Setting the Price

  3. Being Seen

    – The Description

    – Online Listing

    – Signs & Flyers

    – Types of Buyers

    – Dealing with Buyer Agents

    – Open Houses & Showings


  4. Offers & Closing

    – Receiving Offers

    – Negotiating

    – Completing the Sale

    – Closing



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