Questions People Ask

How much does a listing cost?

A For Sale By Owner can list their home for sale for a 1 time fee of $299 plus tax. Unlike other FSBO sites, Stream does not force you to renew every few months at another fee. When you list your home on Stream for $299 (plus tax), it’s one time and your property stays listed on Stream until either 1. It sells or 2. You take it down.

If you’re listing a rental property, it’s $15.00. That’s a 1 time fee, not per month.

If you’re listing your property on the Board’s MLS® System and using Stream for additional marketing tools and exposure, the fee you pay is negotiated separately with your brokerage of choice.

How much money will I save by selling my home by FSBO?

This is very much a “it depends” question. Real Estate fees are negotiated between the brokerage and the seller. Those fees can very from a few hundred dollars to a significant percentage of the sale price. With Stream you only pay a 1 time fixed fee of $299 (plus tax).

Why should I sell my house on Stream?

Stream is a national service that allows buyers to find your home whether you are selling FSBO or are listed on MLS. Stream is a very cost effective way to sell your property. Unlike most other services, Stream is a one-time fee that you don’t have to regularly renew. When you list your property on Stream, your house stays on Stream until it sells or you remove it.

Is it risky to sell your house without a Real Estate Agent?

Again, the answer is “it depends”. An agent may be able to help screen out certain things, but if you refer to our section on open houses and showing your home, you should be able to safeguard yourself and your property.

If you encounter a buyer that is trying to defraud you of your property, remember these 2 cliches:

  1. There’s no free lunch
  2. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Any real estate lawyer is aware of all the money-laundering and fraudulent possibilities that may come to you.

What if I am already working with an agent?

Sit down with your agent and explain what you are doing. If you are in a brokerage agreement (listing contract) there may be stiff penalties if you breach your contract.

Why will a real estate adviser be assigned to me if I want to do “For Sale By Owner”?

This service may be the most valuable one Stream offers. Although Stream is trying to make selling your home as easy as possible, sometimes there are questions that only an industry expert can answer. Your assigned advisor can be looked on as a real estate Coach.

How long will it take to sell my house?

Your advisor should be able to give you an estimate of average days on market or DOM. That’s usually a pretty good indicator. Really, though it all depends on pricing.

Will I still need to use a lawyer?

The short answer is yes. There are a lot of things that can go wrong if not handled correctly. Consult with a lawyer early on and be prepared to do what he or she tells you to do. It might look easy to sell your own house but there’s a lot going on in the background and most of it is legal in nature.