Honest evaluation of your home

The purpose of doing an honest evaluation of your home is to create a three part assessment of your property. 1) All the items you would do yourself, 2) all the items that need to be done but you need to hire a professional, 3) all the items you’re not willing to do but will have a negative impact on price. This isn’t going to be easy for two reasons. 1) Our eyes tend to be very forgiving when we’re looking at our own conditions. 2) This is going to lead to work, and you know it. How diligent you have been regarding maintenance, clutter and cleanliness will determine the number of items on the 'To Do' list.


How does the roof look? Are there any curled-up shingles? What about the eavestroughs? Full of leaves? Look at the exterior cladding. Are there cracks in the bricks or siding? Is the stucco broken? What about the windows? Need painting or repair? Is there moisture between the panes? What about decks and fences? Is there rot or damage? Do the handrails need tightening?


Is it clean and free of clutter? How is the paint? Has your home been staged properly? Believe it or not, you will likely increase the value of your home significantly by having it professionally cleaned, organized and painted.

Make sure that you look at all your plumbing fixtures to be sure they are drip free and in working order. Appliances need to be clean and in working order. Make sure all the lightbulbs work.

Pets can be a problem when trying to sell. Make sure there are no “traces” of your pet around. Also, get your pets out of the house when showings are booked. The buyers might say they don’t mind, but why take the chance? The adage, “It’s their home too,” doesn’t matter. Unless you’re planning on including them in the sale price, make sure they are gone prior to the buyers arrival.


You’re looking for cracks in the foundation which need to be repaired or disclosed to the buyer, for leaking around the windows and drains and around water pipes in general. How does it look?

If there is clutter, then organize it. A home gym can mostly be placed in one corner. Toys can be put in containers. Storage should be neat and stacked. You are trying to create wide open areas which are perceived as spacious.