In order to reduce problems or delays later in the selling process, run through the following Legal Health Check to identify any issue that need to be dealt with or listed as a disclosure.


  • Any renovations or work completed without the correct permits?
  • Any neighbourhood disputes?
  • Any property line disputes?
  • Any asbestos present?
  • Any lead based paint present?
  • Any liens or outside claims from unpaid debts for past work?
  • Any outstanding judgments or municipal work orders?
  • Does the property comply with all by-laws?
  • Is the fence height is legal?
  • Is the parking area allowed by zoning?
  • Easement and rights of way limit the use of the property?
  • Subject to special zoning or other rules or restrictions that apply to this property?
  • Subject to heritage district rulings?
  • Does the sump pump discharging according to local regulations?
  • Are you removing any appliances, garden shed etc after closing?
  • Is the title free and clear?
  • Is the survey acceptable?
  • Are property taxes are up to date?