Moving Out – Moving In

Finally, the day has arrived where all the work pays off. After confirming with your lawyer that the money has changed hands, and the title has been transferred to the new owner, it is time to hand over the keys.

There are several ways that this can be done. The lawyers can deal with the keys, you can meet the buyers directly and hand the keys to them or you can put the keys in some form of lockbox and give the buyers the entry code. All of these ways work well. Oh, by the way, keys include house, garage, mailbox, condo fobs, shed keys and remote garage door controllers.

Your primary job is to make sure you are completely out of the property by the specified time on possession day. That is also the time that utilities should be switched to the new owner and things like landline telephones, cable and internet turned off.

Most buyers’ complaints on closing day center around the cleanliness of the property or the seller taking something the buyer thought was going to stay. You, as the seller, are required to leave all permanently attached fixtures. A permanently attached fixture is anything that will not work unless it is plumbed, wired or built into the structure. Unless it has been specified in the contract that “it” will be removed, all permanently attached fixtures must stay. The most common disputes are over appliances. As a general example, fridges, stoves, washers and dryers are not permanently attached, and it must be stipulated in the contract if they are to stay. A built-in dishwasher stays because it is “built-in”.

If there are any questions, contact your lawyer for clarification.