Renting A Property

A tenant has rights but, as a tenant, you have responsibilities. A tenant must:

  • pay rent on time
  • be considerate of the landlord and other tenants
  • not endanger other tenants
  • not perform illegal acts
  • not conduct illegal business on the rental premises
  • not operate a business, trade or occupation without the landlord’s consent
  • keep the rental premises reasonably clean
  • prevent damage to the rental premises
  • move out when the rental agreement ends

As a tenant you should be aware of the rules and regulations regarding the following:

  • Locks and security devices
  • Repairs 
  • Sublease or assignment of lease
  • Entering the rental premises
  • Filing of a complaint
  • Evictions
  • Moving out
  • Being a tenant in a condominium
  • It is important for you to look up the regulations in your jurisdiction regarding these subjects

Here is a handy Inspection Report free for you to use.