Being organized is the key to getting things done. Most of us use some form of organizational tool to keep on track. When you’re getting your house ready for sale, there are things that must be done. Some of these things you can do, some are going to require the help of professionals and some things you decide to leave alone. Essentially your 'To Do' list, should look something like this:


Shovel snow, Trim the hedge, Tidy up, Mow the lawn, Clean eaves, Re-shingle house.


Interior/Exterior painting, Clean eaves, Re-shingle house.


NOT GOING TO GET DONE: (I know these will lower my price.)

Re-Shingle house, Interior/Exterior Painting. 


You’ll notice that some things appear under all three headings. That was to illustrate that you know what you are capable of. Seriously evaluate the task, if you are a professional roofer and your house needs to be re-singled, get busy.

Many of us think that anyone can paint. It is so easy to spot the houses that were painted by people who thought they could.

Under the last heading are those items that you know should be done but you don’t have the resources to make it happen. It’s not the end of the world. Many buyers are looking for projects to do and so they will consider your house, but they expect a lower price.