Front Yard Sign

Place one For Sale sign out the front of your house, this will be delivered to your door as part of the package when you list with Stream. Your phone number will be featured on this sign, so be prepared to start answering inquiries.

Open House Sign

An Open House sign needs to be used in conjunction with directional signs in order to drive traffic to your home.

Directional Signs

Directional signs can be positioned at major intersections — if possible create a trail of arrows at each required turn 
directing viewers to your home. Permission is needed if you place a sign on private land — local laws regarding real estate signs will need to be followed.

The Information Sheet (Flyer)

Printed materials people actually want to take home with them- Feature sheets and neighbourhood infographics help Buyers remember your property when they leave – they’re an important part of marketing.

Information sheets are for buyers to walk away with something that will keep your home in their memory. If you do not have a high quality colour laser printer, then have your information sheets printed at a copy shop.

A typical information sheet is one page in length and it contains at least one beautiful exterior shot and two of your best ‘wow’ interior shoots. It also contains address, price, correctly measured room sizes and the description text you have created.

Be printed on glossy paper. Choose something that’s slightly heavier in weight than basic white copy paper. This will really help your photos pop and your home stand out among the listing sheets buyers use to compare homes during their search.

  • Include a call to action. What is the next step you want a buyer to take after looking at your home’s face sheet? Contact your real estate agent? Visit your home’s website listing for more information? Schedule a showing? Whatever it is, be sure to add this to your face sheet, along with any necessary contact info and links.
  • Make sure your home’s face sheet is handed out to all potential buyers at all showings and open houses. It should also be available electronically for email, as a download from your listing site, and to post and distribute online via your social networks.

Download flyer template here

The purpose of a flyer is twofold. First, place it in-front of your house so passers-bys (and nosey neighbours) can learn more about your house. Second, place the flyer in public spaces to drive traffic to your house…literally.


  • Have more pictures than words.
  • Include the following details about your house…in order of importance (You don’t have to include everything).
    • Your First Name and Phone Number
    • Address
    • Link to online listing Link to your Stream page and use a URL shortener, like tinyurl.com, to make it easy for the buyer to type the address in their phone.
    • ALWAYS tell the buyer how to make an offer. Feel free to use this verbiage on the back of the flyer.

Don’t have an agent? Great – we both will save some additional money. Once you are ready for a showing or to make an offer, just give me a call. If you are setting up a showing, we will find a time that is convenient for you. I suggest – it is always best to be pre-approved for your mortgage before house-hunting. We would hope that you’ve talked to your lender already. If you are ready to make an offer, please have a dollar amount in mind for the offer and let me know any conditions. Once we reach an agreement (this may take a few phone calls), I will forward the details to my Real Estate Attorney. My attorney will write up a sales contract for you to sign. You will send the contract and the deposit (if any) to the attorney and I will countersign the contract. Once we both sign the contract, you will provide a copy of the contract to your mortgage company and they will lead you through the rest of the process. You will always be able to call me and ask questions throughout the process as well. I look forward to hearing from you in the next day or two.