Staging & De-Personalizing

Whether your living in your house or it’s empty, staging is incredibly important. Buyers love a light and airy home. Your goal when staging is to create that effect. According to a 2017 National Association of Realtors survey, a staged home will fetch 1 – 5% more price wise. That does not sound like much, but given today's average sale price it is $4,500 to $22,000.

Many people cannot visualize what their furniture will look like in your home, especially a vacant one. Staging can eliminate that problem.

What are the steps in staging?

Get rid of clutter

That is described in some detail elsewhere in this section.

Bright and light

Buyers are looking for bright. Check the “colour” of the lighting in the room. The closer to white, the more it is like daylight. You might have to invest in some new lightbulbs, but it will be well worth it. Leave every light in the house on when potential buyers are there.

Stage the important rooms first

Ideally you would want to stage all the rooms. However, depending on your budget start with the bigger most used areas in your home, such as the living room, then the master bedroom and so on. 

Remove and/or rent furniture

With an empty house, try to make it look like someone lives there. Rented furniture can be pricey but well worth it.

In most cases you will need to remove furniture, If you want to keep it, you may have to rent a storage unit. Your house and feel larger with less furniture.


You do have the most beautiful children, the most awesome wedding photos and fantastic knick knacks that you’ve picked up in your travels, but all those say, “This is my house, not yours.”

Curb Appeal

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. What do you see when you drive up to your house? Nicely trimmed green law. You’ve taken the time to fertilize and overseed. Nicely positioned flowers and shrubs. A clean, freshly power-washed exterior. Nicely trimmed trees and hedges. Oil spots have been cleaned off the driveway and garage floor. If the seasons change make sure the leaves are raked up and pull up dead plants. If the plants are perennials trim them back so they’re not too messy. We’re going to get snow too. Make sure you keep the walks and driveways clear of snow and ice. One last thing, change exterior photos with the seasons. Nothing says, "Hit me with a low ball offer," more than a house in full-on Christmas decorations in July.

Selling your home is a considerable amount of work. Chances are you mow your lawn and weed your garden already, but now that you’re selling it is even more important. If you keep up with things, it will not be such a big job to get your house ready for showings.