What’s that old saying? A picture is worth a thousand words. A good set of photographs will not necessarily sell your home, but it will help to separate you from the pack.

There is a reason most real estate agents hire professional photographers; they take much better pictures than the agent can. A professional knows all the little tricks to taking good photos including lighting and staging. If you have money in your budget for this, it would be a very good investment.

If you are going to take your own pictures, here are some tips.

  1. Turn on all the lights.
  2. Open all the blinds.
  3. Have a fire in the fireplace.
  4. Clean up and remove clutter.
  5. Take various angles of each room and pick the best ones.
  6. Close toilet lids and close shower doors.
  7. Clean the mirrors.
  8. Use the best camera you have.
  9. Stay out of the shots including mirror reflections.
  10. Evening exterior photos are beautiful. (Remember to use the flash.)
  11. Turn on exterior garden and walkway lighting.
  12. Use video where you can.

Cell phones have some amazing cameras. If you have a current cell phone, invest in some form of tripod or other aid. This will eliminate jiggles and blurs. Be careful with video. You can use it for highlighting but remember, if the buyer is sitting on a park bench, video may take too long to download, and the buyer moves on.