The Information Sheet

Information sheets are for buyers to walk away with something that will keep your home in their memory. If you do not have a high quality colour laser printer, then have your information sheets printed at a copy shop.

A typical information sheet is one page in length and it contains at least one exterior shot and a few of the interior features you think make your home desirable. It also contains address, price, correctly measured room sizes and 'the ad,'

Let’s talk about 'the ad.' You have seen real property descriptions. They are typically a one-paragraph, grammatically correct description of the property. If your budget allows, consider hiring a professional writer to put your ad together. Many real estate agents hire professionals, so this will be your competition.

Most ad writers follow the simple formula AIDA. Attention – a good headline, Interest – why should I buy this property? Desire – I must have that. Action – I better call right now!

It all sounds simple but it is harder than it looks. Grammar and context count. Have you ever read about the “cute bungalow on the park”? No, it’s not. It's adjacent to the park. How can it be “on the park”? People will make all kinds of assumptions about you based on the wording of your ad.

Style aside, you should list what is included in the price, such as, any appliances that you are leaving, draperies, outside ornaments, etc. Your information sheet should also include a proposed possession date. Use 30 or 60 days as a suggestion. A stated date implies you may be more susceptible to a lower offer as your timeline gets shorter and shorter.

A Google search should yield several templates that you can use.